Bitwise Industries
"Activating human potential begins with opportunity. It's inspiring to watch individuals in Bitwise's ecosystem and training programs change their own lives by taking advantage of the opportunities provided."
As President of Bitwise Industries, Beth Mily works with the management team to direct strategy and policies, as well as identify short and long-term goals for each company. She is also responsible for strategic philanthropy initiatives to help create technology workforce training opportunities for students, to fund cutting-edge SaaS companies, and to support the engagement of marginalized populations in Geekwise programs. Mily was born and raised in Fresno, California. She attended California State University, Sacramento, where she majored in English language and literature and minored in criminal justice – a pursuit inspired by her love of biographies. Following her time at CSU Sacramento, she became interested in education, attending National University and receiving two master’s degrees, one in education and one in educational administration and supervision. Prior to Bitwise, she was the Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART), a project-based, technology high school in the Valley. Staying connected to life outside of Geekwise Academy and Bitwise Industries is important to Mily because it enables her to remain linked to the community to ensure those who are underrepresented have a voice through her. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, especially at coffee shops, and loves learning people’s stories, from books or in person. Everyone has something to contribute, according to Mily, who points to the experiences, conversations and relationships she’s had over the course of her life for making her who she is today.