Chief Technology Officer
“We get to bring customers’ visions to life every day by creating software from scratch.”
As the Chief Technology Officer for Bitwise Industries, Greg is responsible for the overall use of technology internally at Bitwise. This includes conference room tech, various department tools, video conferencing for remote team members, and many other applications. Previously, Greg co-founded the scheduling platforms, Pencil’em and Tatstat, and worked as a senior software developer for Decipher, Inc. He has also had a crucial impact on the Geekwise Academy program, as both a former instructor, and the inspiration around which the program’s Cohort model was designed. Greg believes the best part about being a programmer is chasing “lightbulb moments” -- that fulfilling moment when things click for a developer. His personal mission is to ensure that others get to experience the same thing, and find success in software development. Working for Bitwise has given Greg a sense of purpose, and he truly enjoys getting to learn new technologies while helping others learn those technologies as well.