Chief Technology Officer,
Shift3 Technologies
“We get to bring customers’ visions to life every day by creating software from scratch.”
In his day-to-day role, Greg Goforth oversees software-developer practices, tools, and education at Shift3 Technologies. Through these efforts, he ensures that the company produces effective technology solutions, all while providing innovative education and world-class opportunities for each member of Shift3’s stellar technical team.

Prior to joining Shift3, Greg co-founded the scheduling platform, Pencil’em, and worked as a senior software developer for Decipher, Inc. He has also had a crucial impact on the Geekwise Academy program, as both a former instructor, and the inspiration around which the program’s Cohort model was designed. He famously led the first Cohort, and cites seeing where each Cohort member ends up and what they are able to accomplish as the coolest part of his job.