Business Development Manager,
Shift3 Technologies
“I love being able to solve really unique problems for people – we are really, dynamically changing people’s businesses and lives.”
As the business development manager for Shift3 Technologies, JP Prendergast is in charge of the professional services side of the social impact software company. Working with clients to find unique solutions to their problems, he is consistently focused on the best outcome for the end user. Born in Chicago, raised in Denver, and having resided in LA for many years, he has completed a self-proclaimed Nike swoosh across the United States. In his spare time, he enjoys some old-fashioned fantasy football and taking care of two pups with his wife, Devin. He can also be found saying one line in the fourth season of “The West Wing.” What should have been enunciated as “Sam, it’s time,” ended up as “Sandwich time” and while an acting career ended, a nickname was born.