Executive Director of Sales and Marketing,
Shift3 Technologies
“The best thing about Shift3 is the people. It has always been the people and will always be the people.”
As lead vanguard for Shift3 Technologies, Landon Brokaw oversees the company’s sales and marketing teams, acting as a vision caster for the social impact, custom software development firm. No stranger to the tech industry, Landon has spent 20+ years focused on strategic sales, marketing, and high-level business development, working with an eclectic mix of companies, from venture startups to Fortune 500 companies. In a job that is equal parts visionary and cat herder, he is laser focused on the personal, professional, and sustainable advancement of clients and team members alike. When he’s not leading a team of brilliant personalities, you can find him spending time with his wife and children, geeking out over noteworthy business podcasts, and probably devising a plan to make the world a better place through his work.