Community Outreach Coordinator,
Geekwise Academy
“What I love and admire about Geekwise Academy is that it most represents what Bitwise is truly about – opportunity."
As the community outreach coordinator for Geekwise Academy, Alex Gutierrez is focused on identifying the people and groups who have a ton to contribute to their community through technology, but who haven’t yet found a path into the industry. A former Geekwise student himself, Alex has an eye for strategizing reach, recruitment, and retention. He cites connecting with the Geekwise community and supporting each individual that makes it up as the best part of his job. Previously, Alex worked as a software developer for Shift3 Technologies and taught programming classes for Geekwise Academy. Prior to his venture into technology, Alex received his master’s in public administration from Fresno State, which he utilized to serve with community-based organizations specializing in youth leadership development.