Vice President of Bitwise,
"Geekwise Academy allows our students to determine their own definition of success, then we get to work supporting them in achieving it."
As the Vice President of Bitwise, Fresno, Terry works to build relationships within the Bitwise community while sharing our company’s mission, values, and culture across organizations and internal departments. She enjoys staying up-to-date with all of the different divisions of Bitwise and providing insight into the company’s work to partner organizations and communities. One of Terry’s priorities in life is to create an environment that everyone can see themselves being a part of. During her time at Geekwise Academy, she helped countless students feel at home and appreciated as a part of our tech community, mentoring and supporting them along each of their individual journeys. Terry deeply values working for an organization like Bitwise that allows her to not only be at the table with others, but encourages her to take a lead as well.