Portfolio Companies

Tenzin: Innovation as a Service
Tenzin -- innovation as a service -- was developed as a disciplined approach to vetting and building product-based startups.

Applying this system to the Bitwise spectrum of opportunity has produced a small, but fast-growing portfolio of SaaS (software as a service) startups.

Portfolio Company:

Custom built with all the fixings, Ordrslip takes the guesswork out of food ordering by building mobile apps for restaurants large or small. With each app, Ordrslip serves up professional account management, hands-on customer support, simple processing, and tech support.


Portfolio Company:

With 6 Degrees Software, credit unions get a stellar SaaS solution to build and manage relationships with members. Pioneering the MRM (member relationship management) software, 6 Degrees records inquiries, sends emails, schedules appointments, creates reports, and equips credit unions with the ability to provide superior financial help.


Portfolio Company:

Built by designers with creative professionals in mind, My Design Deals offers unbeatable prices on the web’s best creative resources. Specializing in carefully curated bundles, My Design Deals tests every product to ensure customers get the finest in fonts, templates, images, and more to complete their designs.


Portfolio Company:

LoopdIn is a secure messaging app for communication between family members, care agencies, and in-the-field caregivers. In one simple-to-use app, LoopdIn delivers peace of mind to families with HIPAA-compliant messaging, continuous GPS tracking, customized alerts, and the ability to share files and videos securely.


  • Carley Feil
  • Sal Lucatero
  • Landon Brokaw
  • Greg Goforth
  • Channelle Charest
  • JP Prendergast
  • Jake Soberal
  • Terry Solis
  • Alex Gutierrez
  • Beth Mily
  • Talisha Brantley
  • Miguel Alarcon
  • Irma Olguin Jr