Bitwise Cowork: Whatever you do, do it here.

Coworking is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. If you’ve traveled for work, you’ve likely found yourself at a coffee shop trying to find a spot to be productive. Getting work done at coffee shops is great until people sit too close, or you can’t find an outlet or the only spot open is next to the bathroom. We’ve all been there. 

So, then what? If only you could find a quiet space with comfy chairs, lightning fast wifi, outlets galore, and coffee (let’s be real – this is the most important part.)

Bitwise Cowork is temporarily closed

Bitwise Industries and its companies — including Bitwise Cowork  — will reopen when it’s safe for each of the geographic regions we serve. We realize the deep impact of this decision on our Cowork community. Bitwise Cowork is and has always been, a place for folks to connect with each other. Advance notice will be given to our members when Bitwise Cowork reopens. We look forward to gathering together again when it is safe to do so. 

If you have any concerns or questions about existing memberships, please email [email protected].

Bitwise Cowork is intentionally dropped in underestimated cities with epic working environments, an affordable membership price, and a ginormous invitation: WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT HERE.

What sets Bitwise Cowork apart from coworking spots that exist in these large cities? Two words: Our people. 

Bitwise Cowork is full of creatives, gamers, lawyers, authors, entrepreneurs, personal trainers, and startups who get to be who they are in a space that they can call their own. Walking into Bitwise Cowork truly feels like it was made for you … with you in mind.


Providing spaces as individualized as you are, for the way you want to work. From solo seating to conference rooms, bar seating to a podcast booth, Bitwise Cowork makes it easy to do whatever it is you do! All Bitwise Cowork Spaces feature the following amenities:

24/7 Access

Individual / Shared Workspaces

Reservable Conference Rooms

High-Speed Internet

Coffee Bar


All Bitwise Cowork spaces offer the following memberships:

  • Individual Membership: $39 per month
  • Student Membership: $29 per month
  • Day Pass: $10 flat rate
  • Group Membership: $125 per month for 4 individuals, $25 per additional team add-on

For more information, email [email protected]