Smart Websites

Smart websites are the catalyst for revenue growth, expanded brand awareness, and improved client engagement. Read on to see how we deploy forward-thinking technology to overcome pain points and capture desired business outcomes.

Case Study Overview

Managed Castle™

  1. Client: Managed Castle™ is a mobile-responsive web application that helps new homeowners—as well as property managers—holistically schedule and manage maintenance, home improvements, and expenses of their homes or properties with a few clicks on their website or app.

    Challenge: Managed Castle™ needed a dynamic, mobile-responsive, web-based application for homeowners and property managers to proactively and effectively manage their home improvement expenses, regulate maintenance, purchase any necessary replacement items, schedule a professional for a repair consultation, or purchase replacement items via

    Solution: Bitwise Industries streamlined and organized a custom solution that enabled users to proactively schedule and plan their home improvement and maintenance tasks through a cloud-based system while strategically budgeting repair costs throughout the year. This automated notification framework allowed Managed Castle™ users to save money on reactionary repairs with the added benefit of their system reminders being stored securely in the cloud.

The Benefits of

Smart Websites

  • Eliminate Tension

    If the process is cumbersome or hinders staff’s ability to complete tasks, it needs to change. Investing in a technology that alleviates a known deficiency with an automated path to success can be critical to staff retention and reaching annual goals.

  • Accelerate Growth

    ROI drives enterprises forward. Bitwise Industries’ expertise combines the solutions, platforms, and processes to boost revenue and control costs.

  • Best Business Practices

    Operating inefficiencies can slow annual growth to a halt. Employ the necessary tools to streamline each step of your business cycle and capitalize on a modernized rethinking of outdated models.

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