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Mobile Apps

To maximize ROI, mobile apps should be tailored to your business, relevant to your client base, and scalable for future growth. Read on to see how we accomplish that and more through smart automation and streamlined workflows.

Case Study Overview


  1. Client: Tatstat is a live app offering an automated, simple way to promote artists, collect payments, and streamline communications. Artists using this app maximize their time and increase revenue by spending less time juggling payments and appointments and clients receive an efficient, welcoming experience.

    Challenge: From writing down appointments in a notebook to wasted revenue opportunities due to client no-shows, the old-school way of running a tattoo studio proved to be frustrating and inefficient. An app that offered an automated, simple way to promote artists, collect payments, and streamline communications was required.

    Solution: Bitwise Industries helped Tatstat build a smartphone app designed to minimize
    miscommunication and maximize time. Available on both Android and iOS, its easy-to-use design allows artists to book appointments, collect payments, and send appointment reminders all in a single app. Clients are also able to request video consultations saving them a trip to the studio.

The Benefits of

Mobile Apps

  • Enhanced App Development

    Use our customer-centric approach to create a dynamic experience that is tailored to increase value and meet your specific demands.

  • Total Integration

    Deploy the technology solution that fully integrates all of your customer touchpoints–emails, texts, chats, SMS, social sites, videos–to create a seamless experience that adds value and extends your brand.

  • Upgrade and Modernize

    To increase your ability to cut costs, stay relevant, and remain future-focused with a modernized system, all legacy platforms and outdated tools need immediate assessments to mitigate problematic inefficiencies.

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