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Staff Augmentation

If you need to leverage the expertise of industry experts, but don’t need their services year round, consider staff augmentation. Read on to see how we accomplish that and more through a contracted resource that reduces risk, overhead, and complexity.

Case Study Overview


  1. Client: Betterworks is a SaaS company that builds HR software to replace organizations’ outdated annual review systems with powerful Continuous Performance Management programs.
    Their goal is to close the loop between people, strategy, and results while optimizing performance management and providing goal-setting solutions designed for global enterprise.

    Challenge: Betterworks was developing a custom solution for a client when they realized the need for an external resource partner with technical expertise and the capacity to augment their staff. Specifically, they needed a senior developer–skilled and knowledgeable–who was in the same time zone who could be on-site to augment the special API builds while internal teams focused on core architecture so they could get their product to market faster.

    Solution: Bitwise Industries worked with Betterworks to deploy one of our senior developers with fifteen+ years of experience in full-stack development, running load analyses up front of applications, and design. Our developer worked on-site and remotely with their team for three months, effectively helping them accelerate the dev process and meeting their market deadline.

The Benefits of

Staff Augmentation

  • Eliminate eCommerce Transformation

    From omnichannel customer management to marketing automation and analytics tools, Bitwise Industries will create the tools to improve efficiencies and enhance customer engagement.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Let us provide the means to simplify your current process with the personnel and digital solution that streamlines your entire daily process.

  • Process Consulting

    Bitwise Industries will help you refine and modernize any pain points–seen or unseen–that might be holding you back from delivering on expected ROI.

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