• Leasing

    Interested in Leasing a space at one of our Bitwise Campuses?


    South Stadium: 48,216 SF

    The Hive: 48,020 SF

    Bitwise | 41: 46,065 SF

    Bitwise State Center Warehouse: 106, 557 SF

    South Stadium Amenities

    Individual / Shared Workspaces

    Whether you’re looking for a place to work for five minutes or five hours, we have workspaces where you can plug in and tune out.

    Reservable Conference Rooms

    Our high-tech conference rooms are available for rent or use if you’re a tenant in South Stadium. Project to the Smart TV equipped with Apple TV or take a conference call.

    Office Space

    Looking for a temporary or permanent home for your growing business? We have innovative office spaces for small, medium or large businesses.

    High-speed Internet

    No matter where you are in South Stadium, you’ll be able to access high-speed internet for your video calls, phone calls or internet surfing needs.

    160-Seat Theatre

    This car-ramp turned 160-seat theatre is ideal for large-scale presentations, concerts or summits. Equipped with the best sound and presentation hardware.

    24/7 Access

    Cowork in a vibrant space surrounded by professionals. Our innovative, high-tech spaces are not only stunning, they can comfortably accommodate individuals and teams of all sizes. Flexible memberships available. 24/7 access.

    For more information, email [email protected]

  • Revitalization

    Embracing the history and significance of our cities

    At every Bitwise campus, our team makes it a priority to identify and revitalize buildings for our innovative spaces. Just like we believe in underestimated cities, we believe in underestimated spaces and places – like downtown districts and seemingly abandoned buildings. These buildings hold rich history, and we aim to honor them through the revitalization efforts when we transform them into Bitwise buildings.

    Great downtowns are the heartbeat of great cities

    Bitwise campuses are specifically located in downtown districts because we believe great downtowns are the heartbeat of great cities. These historic districts have vibrancy and energy – often home to local companies, restaurants, and small businesses

    Why Revitalize?

    Underestimated Spaces

    Bitwise is intentionally dropped in underestimated cities across the nation. If we are about underestimated cities, we also must dedicate ourselves to the underestimated and overlooked areas in those cities, purposely planting ourselves and our work in those communities.


    The ability to take something looked-over, forgotten, or disregarded and create something new is a process that inspires us all. Instead of building our own spaces from scratch, we choose to embed inspiration into our campuses, laying the foundation for all the inspiring work that will take place within its walls.


    Many of our buildings include historic landmarks that are finding new life as a part of our Bitwise campuses. Each restored building pays homage in their own unique way to the history within its walls, like specific branding, artwork, photographs, and more.

    Community Growth

    Choosing to revitalize older buildings brings a breath of fresh air to businesses and organizations who also are located downtown. Employees and guests at our Bitwise campuses are encouraged to visit surrounding businesses, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the local community.

    Creating Connection

    Bitwise is more than a building – it’s what happens inside that truly makes our campuses a unique place to gather, learn, and explore. Each Bitwise building includes community spaces that operate as venues for events, gatherings, and much more. If you are interested in holding an event at a Bitwise campus, click here to contact our events team!

    For more information, email [email protected]