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Managed Services

Consider our Salesforce expertise for projects in Sales Cloud, CPQ, Community Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Service Cloud, DocuSign Agreement Cloud, and Pardot.

Case Study Overview

Take Care

  1. Client: In 2020, COVID-19 firmly planted itself in the United States. The threat of the virus became all the more real specifically to those who were immunocompromised. Even a simple trip to the grocery store was suddenly dangerous, so at-risk populations needed a safe way to provide food for themselves and their families. Take Care–a community-care initiative–needed a simple system put in place for people to request food and find reassurance that it would be safely delivered to their home.

    Challenge: Take Care is customer-facing, so their website needed to be built to clearly communicate the grocery delivery process to community members making a request. However, 75 percent of the requests came in via phone calls so any integration required complete call transcriptions be cataloged. Additionally, they needed an integrated backend engine that could then process that request and assign a ticket number.

    Solution: The Take Care promise to recipients was a grocery box containing nine meals and any additional essential items that were in stock (e.g. toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc.). The Take Care Salesforce Org plotted every request and data point to succinctly create an easy-to-comprehend, automated journey to get people food using this all-in-one digital platform. Through Salesforce, each step was streamlined and accurate to ensure every detail was considered, accounted for, and maintained for the team’s success and safety. During Take Care’s first week, 150 families were fed. By the fourth week, Take Care was coordinating and delivering grocery boxes to more than 600 families. Within the first 30 days, just over 3,000 families in three counties received 18,000 meals.

The Benefits of

Managed Services

  • Only the Experts

    Benefit from the opportunity of having certified experts working with your staff and admins to convert time and technology into business success.

  • Cost Effective

    Avoid the high cost of hiring your own specialists and only pay for what you need, when you need it.

  • Train and Support

    As your Salesforce instance grows, we can train new or existing staff in Salesforce when you find the need for an in-house admin that we support.

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