About Technology Consulting

Bitwise Technology Consulting is our custom development division dedicated to building world-class technology solutions for government and private-sector clients that want to scale quickly. We know you want to be the tech hero for your company, so you’ve come to the right place.

We make it a point to immerse ourselves in your private firm, large corporation, startup, or government entity, so we can fully understand your business and its complexities. This is how we’ve helped hundreds of our clients successfully deploy proven mobile and web app strategies to grow quickly.

Bilingual in both business and technology, Bitwise Technology Consulting combines high-business acumen, deep technical expertise and an innovative operating model that enables us to deliver world-class software nationwide.

Part of Something Bigger

We are so much bigger than just builders of custom software. Our Technology Consulting division is an integral part of a larger technology movement. A movement that aims to provide access to opportunities in tech for marginalized communities, provide paid apprenticeships to students to learn tech skills, and build vibrant buildings in underestimated cities to house that work.
We exist to develop software to help build and lift underserved populations—which then boosts and transforms regional economies. Sure, we build software. But we’re also building the foundations of people’s lives and communities by creating pathways to high-paying, high-growth opportunities in the technology industry.

Get Started

We pride ourselves on our extensive discovery process, as it is at the heart of our drive to truly understanding your goals and technical vision. Here’s a brief snapshot of our engagement process; it seems like quite an investment of time, because it is. And it’s completely worth it. For every hour we invest in pre-development and discovery, we save literal days of time during actual development.

24-48 Hours
1 Week
2-3 Week


High-level conversation regarding you and your technology needs and objectives. Determine whether or not to continue forward together. If so, both parties sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement and a ‘discovery meeting’ is scheduled.


Face-to-face/virtual meeting with our Business Development Manager and Solutions Engineer to discuss a high-level use case, potentially existing apps or prototypes, vision of product, business goals and desired functionalities needed for an MVP.


Teleconference regarding the wide swing potential costs associated with building the project as discussed during the discovery meeting. If you approve the price range, our team moves forward with a scope of work.


Face-to-face/virtual meeting to review each feature set within presented scope of work. Real-time feedback is given and revisions are made where applicable.

We’ve Helped Them Out

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