Mobile Applications

We offer full-cycle application development services—from ideation and concept to delivery and support. Contemplating a mobile app is not a small undertaking; building an app requires early decision-making surrounding overall business goals, platform selection, budget considerations, and software functionality. Though it sounds overwhelming, we’re here to help you navigate that path. Leverage our dual-expertise in business and tech to make sure you’re building the right technology to fit your unique needs.

The Benefits of Mobile Applications

The market for mobile apps is growing—in fact, it’s estimated that mobile app revenue will reach $935 billion by 2023.* If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, it should. Adding mobility to your business model is truly the first step into your digital transformation. Additionally, having a mobile app can help your business garner more visibility, increase brand loyalty and enable scaling and revenue growth.

*Source: Statista


Having a mobile app enables your business to go beyond city and county lines to think globally, dramatically building brand awareness amongst a new audience that may not have been accessed through traditional means.

Brand Empowerment

Having a mobile app for your business—no matter the size or scope—will effectively build brand awareness. A mobile app is just one tool in your marketing medicine bag that could link back to your website and other online promotions.


Mobile apps enable consumers and users to access your business any time, any place. Go from helping 10 customers a day to 100 by giving mobile access to your users. We’ve built mobile apps that have helped clients double their revenue in just one month.

Smart Websites

Your website should be the digital representation of your business. As such, we want your website to not only be esthetically pleasing, but able to garner the type of engagement that reconciles with your overall business goals. Every website is a digital experience that tells a story; we can help you tell that story. 

We have a collective of brilliant UX/UI designers, focused developers and sage strategists ready to scope your next digital experience. Now is the perfect time to gain visibility and boost your brand performance on the digital landscape.

The Benefits of Smart Websites

Let us rock your world by telling you that 94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design.* Aesthetics, UX/UI, and functionality all play a role in that first impression—but design will always be first. (Followed closely by mobile responsiveness.) Your new website should grow your online presence, give you insight into your users’ behavior and allow you to update your content easily.

*Source: TechJury

online Presence

Whatever your business may be, you love it and you’re invested. A stellar website presence will help others love and invest in your business too. The digital footprint of your business will help you establish a stronger brand, grow your business and empower your enterprise to scale.


There’s no better marketing tool than your website. Capturing relevant info from your web traffic  better equips you to retarget advertising, create digital promotions and replicate what works to keep driving traffic to your site.

Content Management System(CMS)

We love WordPress, which allows admins to easily update content in a digital space that’s digestible and easy to navigate—even for beginners. If WordPress is not your bag, we have plenty of options in our bag.

Staff Augmentation

Being a custom development firm gives us first-hand knowledge on what it takes to get a product to market. Having brilliant dev talent is the first step. The second step is versatility and elasticity when a project calls for it. Staff Augmentation is the perfect solution to short-term (or long-term) staffing gaps to give you the boost you need to complete a project in a pinch. Our Staff Augmentation services will allow you to scale your business fast to maintain elasticity, give you access to an incredibly talented, versatile pool of tech talent and grant you the ability to hire on-the-go with no long-term commitment.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing technology talent is a big decision, but in the long run—a smart one. If you have a short-term project that requires four extra JavaScript developers, why hire four new, full-time employees for such a short timeframe? Outsourcing will help you keep your costs and liability on the lower end—and when the project is completed, so is their role on your team. Staff augmentation gives you the ability to start and end contract work with no further commitment.

Decreased Costs

Managing a dev firm requires agility in labor management and allocation of resources. Staff augmentation will give you the ability to reduce business costs and increase profitability by decreasing overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time employees.


Contracting tech talent gives your company the flexibility to terminate contracts in the event of a budget shortfall; this is especially important because adaptability is paramount in today’s workplace. By contracting talent, you can expand your in-house team when project timelines require a larger workforce.

Talent Pool

Staff Augmentation specifically allows you access to very distinct skill sets on demand. If your business requires talent in a specific platform or technology language, we go through a stringent process to make sure the candidate we choose is ideal for the job.

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