Implementation Services

To your users and admins, the Salesforce experience is everything. When an instance is hard to manage, every work process is equally challenging. Our Implementation Services are geared to help your users manage Salesforce—and not the other way around.  Our extensive Implementation Services help our clients design, build and deploy solutions on Sales Cloud, CPQ, Community Cloud, Salesforce Billing, Service Cloud, DocuSign Agreement Cloud and Pardot. Our implementation methodology ensures that your org includes future-proof scalability and upgrade-friendly solutions that will help eliminate complexities and bottlenecks.

Benefits of Implementation Services

When your business adopted Salesforce, your team probably began using it with minimal knowledge on how to optimize their org for best use for your unique needs. If you’re reading this, you’re exploring ways to better integrate Salesforce into relevant business needs and workflows. Hiring a Salesforce implementation partner is becoming a more obvious choice for executives looking to streamline scattered business processes, increase understanding, jumpstart efficiency and ultimately save money.

Appropriate Training and Support

Team adoption to a new system is the foundation for user success. We want to help your team become well versed on a platform that will continually help your business build favorable outcomes. By working with an implementation partner, you have a guide by your side every step of the way.

Bottomless Talent Pool

Every unique pain point within Salesforce requires an equally distinctive skillset to solve. By creating a partnership with us, you’ve garnered access to our well-rounded team of talented, certified administrators, consultants and developers.

Business Process Efficiency

To see a fruitful return on your Salesforce investment, you must make sure that your Salesforce features match your business processes. This means we’ll take a deep dive into your business goals and your workflows—all through a technology lens to optimize and synthesize.

Managed Services

As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce instance must keep up and scale. Bitwise Technology Consulting gives you access to a highly-skilled team of certified Salesforce admins, strategists and developers, who assist with every aspect of your Salesforce journey from business alignment to technical strategy. Additionally, our Administrator-as-a-Service offering is available for orgs who need on-demand certified admins for either short-term or long-term operational org management. Our suite of Managed Services helps our clients who need development, standard administration or advanced administration support for their orgs. Let us handle your instance management, so you can get back to managing and growing your business.

Benefits of Managed Services

Daily org management is a cinch if you have the right admin in place to 1) oversee the platform 2) configure and maintain it correctly 3) stay on top of seasonal releases three times a year and 4) train all the users in the appropriate practices. Commonly, the admin who handles all of these tasks is thrust into that position accidentally, leaving the admin to navigate the platform under duress and performing triage on issues with user experience. Our team will step in to help you save money, time and short-term headaches associated with maintaining and optimizing your Salesforce instance.

Our Experts Become Your Experts

Our stack of certifications is no joke. Our team is brilliant. And if you hire us to manage your org, you get to experience that brilliance and reap the benefits. Not only do our proactive administrators walk-the-walk in every aspect of Salesforce management, they will use their awesome-sauce to convert time and technology into meaningful business success for you.

Cost Effective

Salesforce is a cutting-edge platform, so sometimes businesses hire specialists that are highly trained, in-demand and very expensive—which may not be cost effective. By hiring us, you pay per project. You can relax knowing that you have the support when you need it and that you’re not paying for it when you don’t.

Training and Support

Leveraging our Managed Services means that eventually, there will be a time where we’ll have to have a strategic hand-off of your org to your new team. This is where training and change management will become integral—and guess what—we’re pros at that, too.

Lightning Conversion

When Salesforce introduced Lightning back in 2015, they wanted to ease admins and users into the updated interface incrementally. Since Salesforce blew past their official update leaving the rest of us wondering when support for Salesforce Classic will end. That said, if your organization is still using Classic, there’s no better time than now to make that conversion happen. Our comprehensive Lighting Conversion services include development, implementation, integration and migration for businesses converting their existing org to the Lightning platform, as well as implementation and deployment of the new Lighting experience into their organizations.

Benefits of Lightning Conversion

Salesforce Lightning is truly the next generation of Salesforce. It’s quite a leap forward for your business in terms of usability, functionality and speed for every type of user, including admins, developers and executives. The intuitive and intelligent interface means your admins spend less time managing their orgs—and not the other way around. Ultimately, converting to Lightning will help your org be future-ready, give your users a competitive edge with new features, and  create smarter builds for your workflows and apps.


The Lightning platform boasts a brand new programming framework called Salesforce Lightning Design System or SLDS, which allows admins and users to build applications with minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript. This open-source design system is flexible, scalable, and accessible, which allows admins and devs to create the best enterprise app experience for all users.


Some organizations may need to migrate data from an existing legacy system into a new or existing Salesforce environment as part of your Lightning conversion. Our team provides a painless and user-friendly way of cleansing, organizing and de-duplicating your data, making it more manageable and accessible.

Better Adoption

If you’re purposeful about collecting specific user requirements and including them in your Lightning roll out, you can use this conversion opportunity as an excuse to reintroduce Salesforce to your executives and users in a format that is conducive to their workflows. The result will be better adoption for all users.

We’ve Helped Them Out

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