• About Workforce Training

    Bitwise Workforce Training was born out of a simple idea: The dedication  to creating a diverse, inclusive talent pipeline, where anyone can learn and then utilize those skills immediately in the tech industry.

    In order for people to be successful in the technology industry, they need tools. So why not teach those tools and help people get the resources and skills they need to get the tech jobs they want? Even better … we remove the barriers to this education by offering accessible and affordable classes to anyone and everyone willing to learn. No matter your age, background, education or job history – our doors are open.

    We’re not a degree program or bound by 4-year-degree requirements. In the tech industry, portfolios, work ethic, and an aptitude for learning are key ingredients to landing the job you want. What we teach is relevant to your future. You’ll learn tech skills, but also gain a network of peers, professional development opportunities, and resources to help you along your learning journey.

    Student Success Spotlight

    Every student journey at Bitwise Workforce Training is unique, but each encompasses important parts of what sets Workforce apart from other educational programs. Our system of teaching is individualized because we know one style of teaching won’t fit all. Alongside our curriculum, we incorporate soft skills like communication, collaboration, and confidence to help you network and prepare for your next job. We also focus on helping you craft a resume so you can be prepared to land an interview for your next dream job. Along the way, our team of mentors is rooting for each student’s success, guiding them through their own Bitwise Workforce Training journey. Combine all of these aspects and you’ve got a master recipe to help students from any background succeed.

    Individualized Training

    We believe in learning by doing – so you’ll get your hands on actual projects like building websites and digital applications. Whether alone or with other Workforce students, our individualized and project-based education helps you learn by doing. You’ll grow in confidence and leadership, and come out of Bitwise Workforce Training classes with real projects to showcase your work.

    Soft Skills

    Education is more than just what’s in a textbook. Soft skills help you navigate successful relationships with people that can be productive and efficient. At Bitwise Workforce Training, you’ll have opportunities to grow soft skills that benefit you in the classroom and beyond. You will participate in professional networking and meetups, lead presentations, or even prepare for your dream job by building a strong resume. Also, Workforce offers small study groups and a one-month free Bitwise Cowork membership for all new students, providing the ability to collaborate and network with others to help you find opportunities to grow.


    Our community exists both inside and outside of the classroom, and we’ll be here for you each step of the way. Whether it’s help with a project, career guidance, or just a listening ear, the entirety of the Bitwise Workforce Training community is a champion for you. After all, we could all use someone in our corner rooting us on!

    Education Process

    Our curriculum doesn’t come from textbooks. We teach skills that help you land a job now. Workforce’s system of teaching is individualized and project-based. We value individual moments of learning, whether from one of our instructors, other students, or even yourself!


     Industry drives our curriculum. Courses are focused on the most current trends and theories in the tech industry.  We use coding languages and tech skills that developers and companies  actively use today. We focus on topics and courses that are going to prepare people for careers in the technology industry. To put it simply: we create direct pathways to jobs.


    We believe in learning by doing – you’ll learn the information and put it to practice immediately. This process is ongoing, meaning you learn new skills as you work on projects to help develop your knowledge base as you build your projects. Coding is skill-based work, so you’ll start building tons of different things during our courses. A website? A mobile app? The sky’s the limit. We’re here to help you along the way.

    $41,200/YR Average earnings gain for graduate obtaining technical employment 

    97% Of our grads are still in tech jobs

    50% historically underrepresented:

    60% Black and Brown, 60% Women, 40% LGBTQIA+

    For more information, email [email protected]

  • Calendar



    Javascript for Beginners (Virtual Course)

    2021-05-17 6:00pm – 9:00pm PT Virtual



    Websites for Beginners (Virtual Course)

    2021-05-17 6:00pm – 9:00pm PT Virtual



    Mobile Friendly Websites (Virtual Course)

    2021-05-18 6:00pm – 9:00pm PT Virtual



    React (Virtual Course)

    2021-05-18 6:00pm – 9:00pm PT Virtual


    It’s a priority of ours to remove barriers that prevent someone from entering into the tech industry, so we’ve intentionally scheduled and priced our classes in a way that makes them accessible to all. In just six weeks, students learn a new skill or programming language. Classes are offered from 6p-9p, two nights a week, for just $250. This helps remove the main barriers – such as normal working hours and financial limitations – that keep parents, students, 9a-5p workers, and anyone else from entering the technology industry.

    Javascript for Beginners (Virtual Course)

    Starts May 17, 2021

    Javascript for Beginners. Learn how to think like a programmer. Build interactive webpages in Javascript. Must have experience in HTML/CSS, GitHub, and responsive design prior to taking this course.

    Websites for Beginners (Virtual Course)

    Starts May 17, 2021

    Websites for beginners. (Virtual Course) Build websites in HTML5, CSS3. Learn industry tools, page construction, industry-specific terminology. No coding experience required!

    Mobile Friendly Websites (Virtual Course)

    Starts May 18, 2021

    Mobile Friendly Websites (building on Websites for Beginners). (Part II of II) Build responsive websites. Learn responsive web concepts, CSS frameworks, advanced layout techniques with Flexbox and introduction to responsive design.

    React (Virtual Course)

    Starts May 18, 2021

    Build a web application and gain knowledge in essential React concepts. (Strong Javascript and HTML Skills Required)

    Tech Apprenticship

    Bitwise’s Apprenticeship Program is built to bridge the gap between learning and working in the tech industry. Participants in this paid internship program work on real projects under the supervision of a seasoned technical lead. Apart from the day-to-day workload, apprentices will have several opportunities to sharpen their skills and give back to the larger tech community by leading workshops, meetings, and co-teaching courses.

    Types of Apprenticeships

    Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our Tech Apprenticeship program to include topics such as

    • Founder Development
    • Online Marketing
    • Salesforce
    • E-commerce
    • Web and Application Development
    • Inside Sales
    • Tier 1 Tech Support
    • Contact Center Agents

    Participants in our Tech Apprenticeship program come from a variety of backgrounds, creating a diverse and inclusive community including apprentices who are: Low-Income, Veterans, Women, LGBTQ+ Formerly Incarcerated.

    Get Involved

    Interested in joining a future Tech Apprenticeship? Here a few important steps in the selection process to remember:

    Step 1: All Apprentices are required to take at least one Workforce Training course prior to their Apprenticeship. So if you haven’t already … sign up! Many students have never coded before, so don’t worry about your experience level.

    Step 3: We seek out students with grit,  self determination, and a focus on diversity and inclusion. Apprentices should be actively seeking a career and committed to learning and refining their craft.

    Step 2: Once in your class, let a member of the Workforce Training team know you’re interested in the Tech Apprenticeship program. Your name will be added to our ongoing Apprenticeship candidate list where we identify individuals for future Tech Apprenticeships.

    Step 4: If you aren’t selected, don’t worry! Your name will stay on our candidate list and we may reach out again in the future.

    For more information, email [email protected]

  • Partner with Us

    Bitwise Workforce Training’s core is our coding classes, but we also partner with organizations, businesses, and nonprofits that help build out the overall Workforce experience for students.

    Bitwise Workforce Training offers three types of Partnership opportunities:

    Wrap-Around Services:

    The Ally

    Have a resource that could help our students? From housing to counseling, transportation to recruitment, we connect with organizations who help support our students inside and outside the classroom.

    Custom Courses:

    Exposure or Career

    Want Geekwise to design and deliver a custom course to those your organization serves? We’ve partnered with folks looking to fill a need in their organization to nonprofits who want to help expose their target audience to technology opportunities.


    Trusted Partners in Business

    Interested in hiring our students? We seek out organizations and businesses who share our values, our mission and are looking for highly talented, hard-working, and diverse future employees.

    For more information, email [email protected]

    • What is Bitwise Workforce Training?+

      Bitwise Workforce Training is an educational academy, offering a variety of coding courses open to everyone. Our six-week evening classes are affordably priced and make it easy for anyone to sign up and take a course. Workforce is more than your typical night school. Our active and diverse community of staff, instructors, and alumni create a built-in network full of resources and connections just waiting to happen.

    • Why does Bitwise Workforce Training teach coding?+

      Code is the system of rules and information every website, application, and other digital technology is built on. Knowing how to code is a necessary skill for many technology jobs, and the building blocks for more advanced tech careers. The technology industry is growing fast, and having coding skills in your back pocket is a great way to enter this dynamic and rewarding field. We teach you skills that help you get real jobs, fast.

    • Where do Bitwise Workforce Training Students come from?+

      Anywhere and everywhere! But more specifically, most of our students find their way into classes after attending a Bitwise Workforce Training community event, or hearing about us from a friend, family member, or social media.

    • What types of students are in Bitwise Workforce Training courses?+

      People from all backgrounds and experiences take our courses! We’ve had young students and older adults, folks with GEDs, PhDs, and everything in between. We even had a class with a 7 year old, and a 72 year old learning at the same time! We believe anyone can learn how to code, and if you’re willing to learn, our doors are open.

    • How is Bitwise Workforce Training different from other coding courses or bootcamps?+

      We’re dedicated to removing barriers to the technology industry by offering accessible and affordable classes to anyone and everyone willing to learn. Our classes are individualized and project-based, meaning you’ll get to put what you learn to work right away on individual and group projects. And best of all, taking a Bitwise Workforce Training course also invites you into our diverse network of staff, students, and alumni – your new tech community full of resources, connections, opportunity, and more.

    • Will Workforce help me get a job?+

      Bitwise Workforce Training is not a placement agency. We don’t get you the job, but we will help guide you to it and help you network your skills. Additionally, we offer resume, professional branding and interview workshops to all our students. Ultimately, you have to go get that job off of your merit by putting in the work. However, being in our classes and our network creates greater opportunities, and our alumni are proof of that!

    • What types of courses does Bitwise Workforce Training offer?+

      Workforce offers coding classes, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced. “Coding” refers to creating computer code, which is the backbone of websites, mobile apps, and desktop programs. Pretty much everything in the technology world can be traced back to coding if you go far enough! We teach a variety of programming and markup languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and more. Whether you’ve never coded before, or have some experience, we’ve got a class suited for you.

    • Who teaches Bitwise Workforce Training courses?+

      Our Bitwise Workforce Training instructors are experts in their fields, which means you’ll get to learn from some of the best! Many of our instructors began as students in our Workforce courses. They’ve gone on to work in the industry and come back to help the next generation of technologists. Their coding skills are top-notch, and they’re some of the most supportive, patient, and inspiring individuals you’ll ever meet.

    • Where and when are the Workforce Training courses taught?+

      Bitwise Workforce Training courses are currently taught twice a week from 6p-9p, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, depending on the class. Classrooms are located in Bitwise buildings in downtown Fresno, CA, but are currently held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Workforce will be coming to our Bitwise Bakersfield, Bitwise Merced, Bitwise Oakland and Bitwise Toledo locations soon!

    • How often are courses taught?+

      Courses are taught for six weeks, and repeated throughout the year as they are completed. You can view our current course schedule here.

    • Where can I sign up for a Workforce course?+

      When registration is open for new courses. You can sign up here!

    • Do I need any technology to take a Workforce course?+

      Students will need a laptop computer. Don’t have one? Don’t let that stop you. Send an email to [email protected] to inquire about an equipment scholarship

    • What happens after a Workforce course?+

      Our students explore a variety of options after finishing Bitwise Workforce Training courses! Often they are equipped with the skills and experience to explore entry-level technology jobs, whether with our partner organizations or beyond. Some students apply to Tech Apprenticeships, others may continue exploring more Workforce courses. Along the way, they’ll stay connected with our Workforce community of staff, alumni, and future students, for resources and networking opportunities. What happens next is really up to you! All of our students are empowered to define what “success” looks like to them after finishing a Workforce course.

    • What is the Bitwise Workforce Training Tech Apprenticeship program?+

      The Bitwise Workforce Training Tech Apprenticeship program is a paid internship experience built to bridge the gap between learning and working in the technology industry. It allows Apprentices the opportunity to earn a stipend by putting the skills they learn to work on real projects, while under the supervision and leadership of an expert. Learn more about the Workforce Tech Apprenticeship program here.

    • How is a Workforce Tech Apprenticeship different from just taking Workforce classes?+

      The Bitwise Workforce Training Tech Apprenticeship is a hands-on experience that shows students what it’s like to work in the technology industry. While Workforce classes teach you coding skills and give you opportunities to build sample projects, Apprentices are paid to work on client projects under the supervision and mentorship of a technical lead. Apprenticeships last anywhere from a few months to a year. Participants will also have opportunities to engage with the Bitwise Workforce community and beyond by teaching courses, holding workshops, and mentoring students.

    • How do I get into a Workforce Tech Apprenticeship?+

      Individuals are invited to our Tech Apprenticeship program.

    • What does it take to get invited to join a Workforce Tech Apprenticeship?+

      We’re looking for students with grit and self-determination. Someone who is a team player, who is ready to learn, and doesn’t give up easily. You should be actively seeking a career, and committed to learning and refining your craft along the way.

    • How can my business or organization partner with Bitwise Workforce Training?+

      There are a variety of partnership opportunities with Bitwise Workforce Training, from providing wrap-around services to developing custom courses. Click here to learn more about Bitwise Workforce partnerships.