Frequently asked questions


What are Bitwise Industries Classes?

At the core of each Bitwise Class is teaching people how to code. Our classes are designed for those from traditionally underestimated and overlooked communities to access opportunities in the tech industry. If you’ve always wanted to get into technology, or even if you’ve wondered about trying out a career in tech, Bitwise Classes are for you.

What is a Bitwise Class like?

Each Bitwise Class creates a hands-on, project-based learning environment. That means as soon as you learn how to do something in class, you’ll start applying it to projects right away. Our curriculum is built on what technology pros are using in their careers today. Classes last for six weeks and happen in the evenings, allowing people from all walks of life—9-to-5 workers, parents, and students—to attend.

Do I need technology experience to take a Bitwise Class?

Nope! Our Websites for Beginners class is built for students with no previous coding experience. We’ll teach you the fundamentals and you’ll start building and using your new technology skill set right away.

I can’t afford or take time off to attend a Bitwise Class. How can you help me?

We totally understand it’s a big decision to sign up for a Bitwise Class. Our Student Success Specialists are here to help you with everything from financial assistance options to Wraparound Support Services to help remove barriers like childcare, lack of tech equipment, transportation, and mentoring. We want you to succeed and providing support services is just one small part of that.


Who should sign up to take a Bitwise Class?

Our classes are open to everyone! We believe anyone—regardless of background—can learn to code. We are passionate about making sure classes are affordable and accessible, so anyone can feel comfortable grabbing a seat in a class and learning something new.

Where and when are classes taught?

Each Bitwise Class is taught twice a week from 6p-9p on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all of our classes are held virtually. In the future, we are excited to reopen our classrooms located in Bitwise buildings in downtown Fresno, as well as Bitwise campuses in Bakersfield, Merced, Oakland, and Toledo, Ohio.


Additionally, we’re also offering virtual classes in our expansion cities, including Buffalo, New York, El Paso, Texas, Greeley, Colorado, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

How often are classes taught?

Each Bitwise Class is six weeks long, and repeated throughout the year. You can view our current and upcoming class schedule here.

How do I sign up for a Bitwise Class?

Which class should I sign up for?

If you’ve never coded before, we recommend starting with our Websites for Beginners class. This introductory class will teach you foundational skills which you can then build upon in our more advanced classes. If you already have coding experience, feel free to check out our Javascript for Beginners or React classes.

Can I take multiple classes at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. Our classes build upon each other, so please only register and plan to take one class at a time.

Student Experience

How are Bitwise Classes different from other coding or tech training programs?

We know you’re so much more than a student. While our classes teach you valuable and relevant tech skills, we also care about you as a human and your individual experience. Our Wraparound Support Services and Student Success Specialists are with you every step of the way, helping you accomplish whatever your goals are. We believe technology is for everyone—no matter age, background, education, or job history—so, we focus on providing access and opportunities in tech to folks in underestimated areas.

What is the “student journey” and how can I start mine?

The student journey is everything from your first chat with our team to finishing an apprenticeship or embarking on an opportunity in the tech industry. Each student journey is unique, but follows three main phases: Self-Evaluation, Pre-Apprenticeship, and Apprenticeship. Each phase is built for you and your goals. Start your journey by chatting with one of our Student Success Specialists.

What are Student Success Specialists, and how can they help me?

We know every person is different, so every individual’s experience in a Bitwise Class is going to be different. That’s where our team of Student Success Specialists come in. These folks will work with you individually to figure out how our services can help you remove barriers that might keep you from getting to class. Whether that’s transportation or equipment assistance options, we want to help you succeed. Navigating these things together is what makes the Bitwise community different.

What happens after a Bitwise Class?

Our students explore a variety of options after finishing Bitwise Classes! Often they are equipped with the skills and experience to explore entry-level technology jobs, whether with our partner organizations or beyond. Some students apply to Bitwise Apprenticeships, others may continue exploring more advanced classes. Along the way, they’ll stay connected with our community of staff, alumni, and future students, for resources and networking opportunities. What happens next is really up to you! All of our students are empowered to define what “success” looks like to them after finishing a Bitwise Class.