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Shift3 Leadership Highlight: Jeanae DuBois



This month we would like to feature a leader of our Shift3 team, Jeanae Dubois, who serves as Executive Director of Growth Marketing. She has been an amazing leader, critical to recent successes and new customer relationships. Hear more about her experience in her own words below:


When did you join Shift3?

I joined in September 2019 after learning about the opportunity from a long-time friend and former employee. I wasn’t looking to make a change, but after meeting with members of the Shift3 Technologies team and experiencing the extreme passion for general human well-being that you can feel just walking around any of the Bitwise buildings, I couldn’t refuse.


What do you do?

By title, Executive Director of Growth Marketing. I lead the Marketing and Communications department for Shift3 Technologies working closely with the Business Development team.


How has Shift3 grown since you joined?

Since joining the company, Shift3 has seen dramatic growth – in revenue, project size and employee count. The world has changed and so has the way I now have to approach our marketing and communications strategy. It’s been a very exciting time to be part of the company and I’m very much looking forward to 2021.


Could you share a fun fact about yourself?

In 2015, I broke my leg into 22 pieces while on a mountain bike training ride. I was in the hospital for nearly 2 months and in a wheelchair a month after I returned home. I was told I’d never be able to ride or run again and had to be taught how to even walk again. With hard work and determination, I was able to prove them wrong and I now mountain bike all over the country and run as often as I can.