We create companies focused on solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. In each Bitwise venue, our companies sit alongside other amazing tech businesses, building a diverse technology industry, right here in our city.

Community Minded

Technology Focused

Shift3 Technologies exists at the crucial intersection of social impact and technology. By developing cutting-edge custom software, creating first-rate mobile applications, and specializing in enterprise systems integrations, Shift3 empowers clients across the globe with the technical chops to generate meaningful social impact in their community and shift things for the better.

The Right Directions

Every Time

Using the Shift3 Six as a time-tested roadmap, this expert methodology makes for an adept, accurate outcome every time. Navigating from strategy to completion with agile expediency, Shift3 delivers each project on time and on budget with laser-like focus on communication and planning.



Consider Shift3 a unique brand of technology tailors. What exactly does that mean? They are seasoned veterans at zeroing in on the perfect tech tool to execute precisely what you need. With a diverse range of expertise, it doesn’t matter if the project calls for open-source software or a never-before-seen custom solution, they’ve got it covered.



Whether it’s custom software or commercial, off-the-shelf products, Shift3’s expertise is cutting-edge technology essential to implementing change. Through Shift3’s applications, clients have been able to provide shelter to the homeless, bring families together, create a path to citizenship, and connect those struggling with addiction to resources. Learn more about their impressive resume and social impact efforts at


  • Carley Feil
  • Sal Lucatero
  • Landon Brokaw
  • Greg Goforth
  • Channelle Charest
  • JP Prendergast
  • Jake Soberal
  • Terry Solis
  • Alex Gutierrez
  • Beth Mily
  • Talisha Brantley
  • Miguel Alarcon
  • Irma Olguin Jr