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Share Inspirational Stories from the Bitwise Industries Ecosystem

Sometimes the simplest actions have the biggest impact.

We want to collect the stories that connect us to the Bitwise Industries ecosystem, and allow each of us to celebrate an effort that continues to uplift underestimated humans, communities, and cities. If you have a win–big or small–it’s important for us to hear about it. Bitwise Industries created this page specifically for you to share those moments that inspired you to go a bit beyond what you thought possible.

Speak from the heart, and let us know how a Bitwise person or program made a difference in your world. If you’re excited about it, we want to be excited with you. Hit the “Submit Your Story” button and we’ll take care of the rest and reach out if we need any details. We thank you and appreciate all the experiences you care to share.

How to submit your story:

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  2. Share the good news! Fill out the boxes and hit Submit.


Sample Submission

“In creating our website we had the feeling that the Bitwise team was viewing this, not just as a job punching in and out on a time clock; they were sharing responsibility for making it look as good as it could and doing all the oddball things we wanted to do.

We feel very grateful for the skill, the care, the vision, the creativity, the verve and the diversity of outlook that Bitwise has brought to our project.” – Deb and Jim Fallows