• Good people are all over! Super grateful!  Erin, Clovis
  • Thank you so much for getting my groceries!  Barbara, Porterville
  • Thank you for delivering the grocery items my grandparents needed. You guys are doing such an amazing thing for the community!  Moua, Fresno
  • Thank you Bitwise, for giving such a beautiful act of human kindness.  Faith, Fresno
  • Thank you so much for helping my dad! What a way to show your support to the community!  Myko, Fresno
  • Thank you for supporting people in need in our community.  Joanna, Fresno
  • Thank you for going above and beyond for our community.  Don, Fresno
  • A huge, huge thank you for the help with our groceries today!  Becky, Fresno


Bitwise Industries has committed $100,000 to provide food and necessities to those who may not have access to everyday items during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are currently accepting financial donations through our nonprofit partner, Neighborhood Industries, to assist in this effort.

If and when we exhaust the $100,000, we will begin utilizing funds donated from the community to continue providing groceries and everyday items to folks in need. Any excess proceeds will go to our nonprofit partners, including the Central California Food Bank and Neighborhood Industries.


Click below if you or your organization would like to donate to these efforts:


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