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Amy Thelen


She / Her / Hers


As Senior Vice President of City Expansion, Amy is in charge of helping to shape the Bitwise ecosystem to fit the personalities of every expansion city we embark upon. She oversees planning for all expansion campuses, ensuring we’re creating spaces that are diverse, inclusive, and progressive in each new Bitwise city. Amy helps cultivate relationships between Bitwise and communities in each expansion location. This includes nonprofits, educational institutions, residents, private partnerships and all other public entities. 

Amy helps ensure all lines of business are working together to best benefit the company and each new expansion city. She also has a confession: “My dream job would be as the starting forward for the Women’s National Soccer team,” says Amy. “But since that train has passed, I figure the next best thing would be to create possibilities for people here at home.” Today, Amy resides in Bakersfield with her wife, Michelle, and their twins. She holds a Master of Public Administration from San Diego State University.

Amy Thelen In The News

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