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Brittany Stevens

VP, Hiring

She / Her / Hers


As Vice President of Hiring, Brittany Stevens is tasked with meeting and connecting with people interested in working at Bitwise Industries, and doing her best to match them to a department  suited to their unique talents. 


As a main participant in the hiring and overseeing of the highly valuable and perpetually busy Executive Assistants at Bitwise, Brittany already has extensive experience interviewing and hiring new employees in the Bitwise ecosystem. She is often the first introduction to the Bitwise culture to prospective team members, and loves getting to learn about so many people during the interview process. Brittany is dedicated to fostering pathways into the technology industry for individuals living in and around Bitwise cities, and will continue to grow the Bitwise family in a smart and sustainable way. Outside of work, Brittany is often hanging out with her sweet kitty cat fosters.

Brittany Stevens In The News

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