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Chan Tai

VP, Financial Planning and Analysis

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As Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Bitwise Industries, Chan Tai ensures that Bitwise has sufficient capital and continues to employ top-tier financial operations. Chan relishes his uniquely suited role to contribute to the Bitwise mission of helping to uplift and improve the lives of individuals and communities who have historically been underestimated and underserved. More than anything, Chan’s goal is to fortify the financial infrastructure of Bitwise, so it can hold its own with the best of what the technology and consulting sectors have to offer. 

Having lived in a refugee camp as a young child, Chan considers himself fortunate enough to have had all of the professional opportunities he’s had as an adult. He wants to share the wealth and pay it forward to those who don’t have the same accessibility to the kinds of resources and opportunities that bring financial stability, and were so crucial to him as a young man. Chan lives in New York City where he loves exploring the rich history of the city while identifying the many species of trees that call the Big Apple home in his free time. He does consider himself lucky to have pulled himself out of poverty, but fortune favors the bold after all. And when opportunity knocks, rest assured that Chan will answer.

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