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Channelle Charest

Chief Growth Development Officer

She / Her / Hers


As the Chief Growth Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations at Bitwise Industries, Channelle Charest takes the lead in support of all the teams comprising the core internal services of Bitwise. In her words, she’s “in charge of the departments responsible for dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,” so that the other departments in the Bitwise ecosystem can continue to operate efficiently. Overseeing the growth of a tech company means building community, holding space, and offering executive direction when needed in order to ensure that Bitwise continues to put humans first, and create avenues for making the tech industry more accessible to underestimated communities. Channelle considers herself fortunate to be in the trenches fighting for positive change to happen in every downtown with a Bitwise office building, and the surrounding communities.

Make no mistake about it, Channelle is a renaissance woman. Graduating from Fresno State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts, she brings a wide range of talents and work experience to the table. Whether in the public sector, restaurant and hospitality services, nonprofits, or as a small business owner, every experience has brought Channelle to where she is today. Her time spent traveling the world and living in different parts of the United States has given Channelle a unique and refreshing attitude about life. When she’s not busy making sure the ins and outs of Bitwise are running smoothly, Channelle flexes her creative muscles by working as a licensed tattoo artist in the Fresno area, serving as the Chair of the Board for the Central Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross, as well as volunteering her time with other humanitarian organizations in the area. On top of all that, she also paints amazing murals. 

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