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Chris Hawkins


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Chris Hawkins has more than two decades of experience building web applications, but his superpower is managing teams of different expertises through the process of solving complex business problems. Chris has spent his career as an independent consultant helping businesses create and use software tools to improve processes, cut costs, and strengthen internal collaboration. He’s successfully completed projects for companies as large as Fortune 500s and as small as mom-and-pop shops. He’s also a steady hand on a crisis project or a client management conundrum. 

Chris is experienced in the Microsoft stack of technologies–Windows, ASP.NET (both C# and VB.NET) WebForms and MVC, SQL Server (and SSRS), SharePoint and even older tech like ASP 3.0 and VB6. Chris is the author of many things, including the book “Conquering Client Conflict” and numerous industry articles. He is a podcast host and a frequent guest on podcasts whose focus is on the consulting business. Chris is a man who likes to keep himself busy; his favorite quote is, “No such thing as spare time, free time, or down time. All you have is life time. Go.”

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