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Chrystine Villarreal


She / Her / Hers


Chrystine Villarreal’s position as VP of Philanthropy is the logical extension of a career dedicated to creating structural change for working families in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Previously, Chrystine undertook business development for, the organization that created the largest annual convening of female and non-binary community members in tech. She was the president at Mixhalo, a startup that patented a new wireless technology protocol and built a diverse staff and inclusive culture. 

Chrystine was instrumental in curating content, as well as developing new standards for tracking and measuring diversity for TechCrunch’s major events, she was responsible for establishing relationships with supporters and championed a mission to empower underserved youth through entrepreneurship, and she evaluated entrepreneurs in technology, media, social media, and clean tech sectors for Khosla Ventures. Chrystine is the proud mother to four beautiful boys–Carlitos, Joaquin, Daniel, and Emiliano–and a fortunate wife to her husband, Carlos.

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