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Janelle Sanders


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As the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Janelle Sanders oversees the entire  Human Resources department at Bitwise Industries, handling guidance and oversight on everything from onboarding new hires to everyday administrative tasks. Janelle’s goal is to ensure every single Bitwise team member feels a sense of belonging from the minute they join our team—and through every step along the way during their entire time with us.

Before a career in Human Resources found her, Janelle lived in Nashville, Tennessee with dreams of being a songwriter, so she knows a thing or two about the importance of being in harmony. The Bitwise employee experience is a unique one, and Janelle works with her team to make sure that each individual employee feels at home in their respective departments, while also propelling the company forward to new places and people. When she’s not working, Janelle enjoys baking with her kids, playing board games with her family, and her new hobby of gardening!

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