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Jim Damian


He / Him / His


As Senior Vice President of Sales for Stria, a Bitwise Industries company, Jim Damian strives to move his mission of bringing digital transformation to businesses by using the right blend of people, processes, and technology. Jim will tell you that his superpower is helping people align around a common goal in a way that is fun and accessible. Having partnered with Bitwise on several projects as founder of Stria, Jim is more excited than ever to help bring about a better future for customers through technology.

After graduating with a Masters of Arts degree in social welfare, Jim found himself growing increasingly frustrated with the slow process of locating relevant documents and data during his time working with child protective services in Bakersfield. This experience eventually led him to found Stria in 2005, and put him firmly on the path of introducing technology services to customers to streamline their businesses. When Jim isn’t bringing about digital transformation, he enjoys working with all of the amazing people at Bitwise, participating in triathlons, and spending quality time with his family. For anybody wondering, Stria is an acronym for service, teamwork, respect, innovation, and accountability, which are all ideals and values that he and his team will continue to champion as part of the Bitwise ecosystem.

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