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JP Prendergast

June 26, 1974 - March 22, 2022

Friend. Rainmaker. Colleague. Legacy.

In March of 2022, we lost a dear member of the Bitwise Industries family. JP Prendergast, Bitwise’s first dedicated salesperson, started with Bitwise during its early beginnings in 2013.

To his family, JP was a snarky, Broncos-loving sports fanatic who two-fisted beers to football games with his brother. He vigorously loved his family and he adored Denver, Colorado where he lived a large chunk of his life.

To his friends and colleagues, JP was a loyal, dad-joke-telling karaoke fiend who sketched huge Star Wars murals on the white board walls of our office building when he wasn’t walking and talking through the stairwells trying to make record-breaking deals. He would bring his fellow coworkers a diet Pepsi, a bag of muddy buddies, or pickle-flavored Pringles to help us get through the workdays.

To Bitwise Industries, JP was the original rainmaker who took every meeting he could get, offered strategy, insight, and creativity, fought for our mission and ideals, and played a key role in our growth as an organization and as humans. He was the first salesperson to break the $1M mark on company revenue and he was one of the first to help Bitwise build the appropriate internal building blocks to be the company we are today—lifting up lives, communities, and economies.

He taught us how to hustle and taught us how to care about a person. He taught us how to really listen and offer solutions to clients, offer advice to friends—and continually had our backs.

He taught us how to celebrate and laugh. He was always saying, “You will make it. How do I hold you up? What can I do to help you?” (Which is hardcore Bitwise energy and exactly who we are.)

He was one of the best parts of Bitwise Industries and not a day goes by that we don’t reference his name or the legacy he left behind. We will always love him, and we’re so grateful we could walk these miles with him.

We miss you terribly, JP. For us at Bitwise Industries, Sandwich Time is forever.

What is Sandwich Time?

Before JP worked for Bitwise Industries, he tried being an actor while living in Los Angeles. He managed to get one speaking role on the TV show West Wing … and the rest is catchphrase history. Here’s the whole story directly from him in this hilarious video.

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