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Karen Scott

VP, Well-Being

She / Her / Hers


Oakland-based Vice President of Well-Being at Bitwise Industries, Karen Scott, is one of those rare people who understands and empathizes with the shared human experience in a way that is few and far between. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find an individual better suited to champion the groundbreaking directive that Bitwise places on caring and advocating for its employees. Karen and her team are passionate about creating safe spaces, and conditions that allow people to reach their fullest selves. She wants all of her fellow Bitwisers to feel seen, and connected to something that values their own unique experiences and insights. 

Karen’s experience working as an occupational therapist for fifteen years in a treatment facility built to support individuals living with severe brain injuries, illuminated in her the essence of what it means to live a human experience. As she says, “all humans share the fundamental desires to be loved, to belong, and to have value.” Karen found that even in the most constrained environment, those core desires could be fulfilled with relatively simple actions. Something as simple as the Bitwise motto, “Nobody belongs here more than you,” goes a long way to build morale. When Karen started at Bitwise Industries as the Director of Bitwise Oakland, she was fully invested in raising awareness in the community, and being open about the need to advocate for the mental health of every individual. When she’s not busy being a champion for mental health and wellness, Karen enjoys gardening, making kokedamas, and spending time with her family.

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