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Kelly Meza

Chief Data Operations Officer

She / Her / Hers


Chief Data Operations Officer at Bitwise Industries, Kelly Meza is the bridge that connects departments in the Bitwise ecosystem with the necessary resources required to implement comprehensive workflow strategies. Kelly started at Bitwise in 2017 as a Controller in the finance department, and through her time here has come to truly value and understand the human-centered culture unique to Bitwise. She is driven to streamline interconnectivity throughout departments and employees to the benefit of the organization and the communities we serve. Kelly is here to find solutions. Her goal is ensuring that Bitwise has all of the data and information readily available to make sound decisions. When she’s not working Kelly enjoys exploring the beautiful outdoors, traveling the globe, and spending time with her partner Enrique, and three daughters, Claudia, Haunna, and Noemi.

Kelly Meza In The News

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