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Landon Brokaw


He / Him / His


As Chief Executive Officer of Ventures, Landon empowers, equips, and strategizes with his team to aid Bitwise Industries’ portfolio company in meeting their goals. Prior to heading up the Ventures division of Bitwise, Landon was VP of sales and marketing for our technology services division for several years. 

Before joining Bitwise, Landon spent two decades honing his aptitude in strategic marketing and high-level business development in the tech industry.

It was those formidable expertises that helped deliver record-breaking results to most of the organizations for which he’s worked. From venture start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Landon has had his sights set on one thing – seeing clients and team members achieving personal, professional and sustainable success. As Executive Director, his job is 1 part Visionary, 1 part Geek, and 2 parts Cat Wrangler, all of which he loves.

A business graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, Landon has worked with powerhouse names like Boeing, DHL, ADP, and Accela, to name a few.

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