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Lili Mireles


She / Her / Hers


Lili Mireles joins the team as the VP of Bitwise El Paso, where she leads our company’s efforts to build a more inclusive and accessible tech community across far west Texas. Lili hopes to use her role to uplift El Paso and the border community by making sure conversations around tech are inclusive of the border perspective, focusing on creating a space that is welcoming, innovative, and reflective of their community.

As the daughter of immigrants and a first-generation Texan, Lili has a deep sense of appreciation for hard work and sacrifice from those who came before her. She feels privileged to be in a position to be able to serve others, and hopes that leading the Bitwise El Paso team helps more individuals find jobs, opportunities, and long-term success for all. When she’s not working, Lili enjoys volunteering with different immigrant and refugee advocacy groups, and spending time with her husband, César, and dog, Jefe.

Lili Mireles In The News

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