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Liz Negrete

VP, Human Resources, Benefits and Compliance

She / Her / Hers


As Vice President of Human Resources, Benefits and Compliance, Liz Negrete is here to make sure that everyone in the Bitwise ecosystem is making the most from the groundbreaking benefits and financial assistance that Bitwise Industries offers to its employees. Liz loves working with her team to assist fellow employees, and strongly believes in the importance of self-care and routine check-ins to ensure that everyone is comfortable and bringing their best selves into work.  

Liz has seen her department grow exponentially in the past two years, and hopes that in the next five years Bitwise’s mission of delivering resources and training to underestimated individuals will continue to grow and be an accessible tool for positive change in underserved communities around the country. When Liz isn’t helping employees discover and learn about all the amazing benefits at Bitwise, she enjoys painting with her daughter, dancing, hiking, and riding off-road on an all-terrain vehicle. She also owns two Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Liz Negrete In The News

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