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Lizette Carranza


She / Her / Hers


As Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Bitwise Industries, Lizette Carranza is consistently amazed by the energy and professionalism put forth by the team she oversees. Whether it’s shopping for families in need during the start of the pandemic, or researching and obtaining tax incentives for the benefit of all, Lizette is making an impact. With one eye on the macro, and another on the micro, she and her team are on a mission to create budgets, forecasts, and quarterly reports which will help to ensure that Bitwise Industries is well prepared for any major projects already in motion or about to take off.

In 2013, Lizette remembered being at a crossroads. She was unsure of how to proceed after her job relocated to the bay area. She decided to go back to school, and earned her Masters of Science degree from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Now Lizette lives in Fresno, Calif. with her husband Tony, two daughters Neko and Lola, fifteen and nine years old respectively, and the family dog, Ash. After a long day of work, Lizette likes to unwind by caring for her tropical fish in their 65-gallon saltwater reef tank ecosystem—proving that maintaining a healthy ecosystem is something that comes natural to Carranza.

Lizette Carranza In The News

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