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Madison Shrader

VP, Administrative Support

She / Her / Hers


Madison Shrader is the Vice President of Administrative Support at Bitwise Industries, overseeing a team of almost 40 executive assistants whose job it is to help Bitwise leadership with daily operations. Madison helps train and support the executive assistant team in managing the leadership team’s daily logistics, from travel to scheduling. With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Fresno Pacific University, and a lifelong background in ministry that influences her lead with a gracious heart, it is deeply embedded within her nature to be a helper.

For Madison, it’s not about numbers and spreadsheets, it’s about interacting daily with real humans and supporting them as best as she can. Madison started as an executive assistant for Bitwise Technology Services and has been in the ecosystem for over three years. When she’s not working, she’s doting on her cats–George, Winston, and Buggy–or on a walk listening to a podcast or audiobook. Her volunteer experience includes working with an organization called Free Arts of Arizona, a group that helps bring the arts to at-risk youth, or kids who would otherwise not have access.

Madison Shrader In The News

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