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Michelle Skoor


They / Them / Theirs


Michelle Skoor teaches excluded people in underestimated places the skills they need to get a job in technology. In this way, Michelle is helping not only change lives, but change the face of the local workforce. As Chief Workforce Officer, Michelle and their team helps graduates find high-wage tech jobs in their own cities. Graduates from Bitwise Workforce Training often get hired by Bitwise Technology Services and get hands-on experience delivering excellent software and business solutions.

Previously, Michelle directed the Diverse Talent Program at Bitwise, partnering with tech and enterprise organizations to engage diverse, cost-efficient tech talent using a unique and proven apprenticeship model. Before becoming Bitwise’s Chief Workforce Officer, Michelle was Product Officer for Onward & PodUp, two Bitwise initiatives launched to provide support and resources to individuals and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelle enjoys watching NCAA women’s gymnastics and was 1990 Level 9 State Champion (Floor, All Around). But their most recent brush with fame is having the first queer marriage proposal story in Glamour magazine!

Michelle Skoor In The News

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