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Miles Sebesta

VP, Skunkworks

He / Him / His


Miles Sebesta is the Vice President of Skunkworks, a small internal team with the sole purpose of rapidly deploying research and development projects that fall outside of the traditional scope of Bitwise Industries’ technology services. The new technologies that the Skunkworks team establishes align with Bitwise’s business values and growth plans, to move the Bitwise mission forward, one project at a time. With a Bachelor’s degree in Technocultural Studies from the University of California, Davis, Miles has seen firsthand the difference it makes to have access to education and how that can transform families and communities. 

From a young age, his mother and father worked as a team to lift their family out of poverty by working late nights, tag-teaming care for the family, with his mother being the first of his family to attend, and complete, college. Seeing how her dedication helped empower his family to grow economically opened Miles’ eyes to the difference that can be made by accessible education opportunities. For Miles, what makes his job at Bitwise so special is working with the incredible people who create incredible change. When he’s not working, Miles enjoys playing disc golf and chess, and is also involved with organizations like City Without Orphans and Visalia’s Neighborhood Church.

Miles Sebesta In The News

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