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Sandi Olguin


She / Her / Hers


As the Chief Real Estate Officer, Sandi Olguin oversees Real Estate Development for Bitwise Industries, including Bitwise’s internal maintenance, building operations, and tenant relations team. She leads these hard working folks in making sure every Bitwise building in each campus runs smoothly, including operational tasks like front desk staffing, janitorial services, repair/tenant improvements, and security. Her favorite part about working with Bitwise is the underestimated places they choose to invest in. “I love the potential – and the downtown skylines!”  Sandi’s hardworking demeanor and “get it done” attitude is at the helm of every project, Whether that’s helping with tenant improvements or laying out the floor plans for our next expansion campus. In all that she does, Sandi is dedicated to “making a decision and making it work,” a famous quote from her mom. Outside of work, Sandi can be often found binge-watching true crime and murder documentaries.

Sandi Olguin In The News

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