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Talisha Brantley


She / Her / Hers


If there’s an event happening on our Bitwise campuses, Talisha Brantley is probably nearby helping run the show! As the VP of Events for Bitwise Industries, Talisha oversees the Events team and helps create events that cultivate community, build and sustain the Bitwise ecosystem, and spread the Bitwise message to folks near and far. Formerly a Bitwise administrative assistant, Talisha’s role with Events allows her to give people a literal stage to share their art and amplify their message–especially when they wouldn’t have access or ability to do so elsewhere.

Bitwise events can range from a small educational workshop to huge concerts featuring Grammy-award winning artists. Talisha’s team always strives to put on kick-ass events that are both creative and inspire meaningful conversations, while helping strengthen the greater Bitwise community. Outside of work, Talisha enjoys playing video games, hanging out with her cat Basura Goose and pup Cecil, and also collecting enough plants to officially become a crazy plant lady.

Talisha Brantley In The News

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