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Toni V. Martin


She / Her / Hers


As the Vice President of Salesforce Marketing and Communications at Bitwise Industries, Toni Martin develops the tactics and strategies for how Bitwise markets our Salesforce efforts. Toni relishes the opportunity to help underestimated individuals find easier pathways and opportunities to pursue careers in the tech industry. Also, she loves to help businesses maximize their effectiveness by leveraging Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) resources.

Through implementing a repeatable model of success, Toni is on a mission to drive revenue and sales generation in an upward trajectory to the benefit of our clients. She wants Bitwise to be the premier Salesforce Apprenticeships to the hiring pipeline organization. “I always say Salesforce changed my life by giving me prosperity, career success, personal fulfillment, and lifelong friends. That’s saying a lot for a CRM tool!” When Toni isn’t busy being an All-Star in the corporate world, you might find her on the golf course, line dancing in the club, or playing tennis.

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